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The State of Advertising in the World of Virtual Reality [VR]

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Every day there are more and more articles on virtual reality; what apps are coming out, which new companies have formed, or what the latest breakthrough is; but an issue that’s receiving less of a spotlight than it should, is advertising. Advertisers are eager to try to enter the world of virtual reality, and for a good reason; as technology…

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This week in cool VR apps – Oculus Social Alpha for Samsung Gear

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One of the great things about the Samsung Gear VR, and there are many, is the way it lets you experience all forms of media. Whether it’s through 360 photos, Oculus Videos, or even Netflix, the Samsung Gear is quickly becoming a one stop device for all your media needs; but they’re not stopping there. Recently the Oculus Social Alpha…

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Smart Phones, Smart Teens – App Downloads Rising Along with Awareness of Privacy Concerns

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I Kissed a Girl! That was easy. I just put together a few pictures and I have the answer to my latest trivia challenge on 4 Pics 1 Song, the number 1 downloaded free app in the App Store. The admirable runner up is Amateur Surgeon. Yes, it’s exactly like it sounds, and more – the first line of the…

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Facebook is Working for You: Advertiser Edition

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Social Media Giant unveils “Lookalike Audiences” feature It’s been a helluva ride for facebook. Born of the lavish catacombs of a Harvard dormitory at the dawn of social networking, gradually surpassing former royals like Friendster and Myspace (now archaic drifters, subsisting on social gaming and music, respectively), it has been a long road to prominence. Giving rise to so many…

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Tech Savvy Researcher Feature: The Rise of Social TV

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Merging our Media-Tech world to see it “through the eyes of our friends” Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was the last great book recommendation I got. This is a nostalgia shot, people, because that sentiment is a double-whammy two-for of things that just don’t happen anymore: paper-page book reading, and getting recommendations directly from another person. Now, don’t get…

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Tumblr, Snapchat and an Online Exodus [TEENS]

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Is Facebook losing its hold on the younger generations? Like the OJ verdict and the Clinton-Lewinski scandal, I’ll never forget where I was the first time my mom friend-requested me on Facebook. There was bellyaching, groaning, and any number of other visceral reactions to the same moment in time. We all experienced it – our parents finally, inevitably intruding on…

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Facebook unveils new Graph Search. New opportunities for Social-Savvy Researchers?

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There’s a new search engine in town. As online technology spins intricate webs of capability, catering to uses both corporate and individual, testing daily the bounds of design and usability while arranging opportunities for users (and advertisers) to gain footing in a still-evolving frontier, it’s easy to get caught up in the glamour of little things. While a recipe on…

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